7th June 2020 – Genesis 30 v22 – Forgiveness


The reading is taken from Genesis 30

Unfortunately, the first few minutes of the talk were missed from the recording. The missing part is written below:

“History reveals numerous events that have had a really major impact on the world and its development. If you go back far enough the ability to make fire or the invention of the wheel could be considered as such major events. More recently, perhaps a relevant topic in current circumstances, the black death pandemic in the middle ages. Or getting even more up to date, the great wars of the 20th century and perhaps the development of the Atomic bomb and its repercussions.

But other even greater events could be Noah and the flood; Moses and the Exodus; Samuel’s anointing of David; Mary and the birth of Jesus; Jesus and his crucifixion, death and resurrection. These events required the faith of the people chosen by God to be his servants on earth. Not only did it require their faith but it required them to exercise that faith.”

An audio file of the service is now available to listen to. Please use the player below:

Download the audio


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